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Who says artisanal gelato, says exceptional product. At Manu Gelato, we make the quality of our ingredients our priority. It is important for us to favor local suppliers, so we only use fresh milk and cream from Swiss pastures. For the raw materials that need to be sourced further afield, we select them in the countries and regions where they are the best and process each of them with the greatest respect. This is why we maintain close ties with each of our suppliers to ensure the excellence of each product.


Here, we have nothing to hide, we don't take any shortcuts and we don't use processed products. Round and gourmet Criollo chocolate, 100% pure Arabica coffee from Ecuador with a perfect balance, but also rich Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar, pistachios straight from Sicily, not to mention citrus fruits from Italy, just to name a few. Because great craftsmanship is as much a traditional technique as it is the choice of the ingredients that make up each recipe.


Creations rich in flavors, certainly, but not in sugar. By minimizing its use, our gelati and sorbetti promise to make you fully rediscover the taste of the raw ingredients. Low in calories and fat, our gelati and sorbetti adapt to all diets and are even available in a gluten-free and lactose-free version for intolerants and vegans. To have fun without compromise!


At Manu Gelato, we also think about our beautiful planet. In our constant search for sustainability, we have chosen renewable energy, generated by solar panels for our production as well as 100% biodegradable packaging, to reduce our impact on the environment.

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