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Today considered an institution, Manu Gelato was born from a passion. That of Emanuele Zanchi, who discovered the world of ice cream during summers spent as a child by the sea in his native Italy. With sharing at the heart of his philosophy, Emanuele seeks above all to convey emotion through his ice cream. His mission: to create generous recipes where the finest ingredients, combined with artisanal know-how, embody the Italy of his childhood.

These memories fueled a deep desire in me: to make gelato my life project. It is with courage and a touch of madness that I embarked on this adventure, with the ambition to offer everyone moments of life as memorable as this chocolate ice cream tasted on the coast, 30 years ago. Even today, I try to honor this product that I love so much, by striving to perfect each recipe. Now it's up to me to find the flavor that will resonate with you.


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