Pink grapefruit

Aux biscuits

Pink grapefruit: the origins of grapefruit are unknown, but it probably comes from Central America or the Middle East. Today it is cultivated in most warm countries, like Israel, Florida or southern Italy. We chose pink grapefruit, for its sweeter taste (it contains more fructose, the natural sugar in fruit), less bitter and tangy, which makes it more delicate than yellow grapefruit. Just like with all the other citrus fruits, the challenge in making an excellent creamy sorbet lies in balancing the amount of sugar and water (grapefruit is already very juicy). A grapefruit sorbet with too much sugar would lose all its characteristic sharp goodness. For a really refreshing drink, mix sorbet with icy Prosecco, shake it and decorate with pomegranate seeds. You’ll love it!

Our tip? Try it with strawberry or gianduia.