Our values

The art of excellent artisanal gelato lies in carefully selecting the best ingredients from all over the world and working with experience, patience, creativity and passion. The best selection of what Nature offers is irrefutably our duty, but we also need huge passion and professionalism to use it to create a unique gelato with a warm soul.

This philosophy and values led Emanuele Zanchi to create our top-quality brand Manu Il Gelato Italiano. His goal is to make light, healthy gelato , with a soft, creamy texture and a pure and rich natural taste: the best Italian artisanal gelato in Switzerland.

We follow strict rules: only local milk and cream, carefully selected seasonal fruits, very low fat and sugar, no artificial colourings, preservatives, flavours or additives. We make gelato to excellence by using the best ingredients and respecting the most rigorous Italian tradition, with the right methods and times to obtain the highest concentration of taste and a perfect structure; we adopt the methods used in excellence catering in top restaurants.




Each new recipe is honed to perfection in our quest for the pleasure of new flavours. Each flavour has its own personality, so it is important to really understand the different  ingredients and their geographical origin. All the products are natural and biological and used according to rigorous methods.

Our greatest reward? Spreading the magic of real Italian gelato, making our clients smile, giving them a moment of pleasure that only an excellent product can deliver.