Gelato : The basis for gelato is simple and natural: fresh whole milk, sugar and just a bit of cream, to keep fats low. Each flavour has its own personality and is prepared with different methods depending on the ingredients. This is why some flavours contain no cream at all, or others use egg yolk in moderation (try an absolute classic, Italian crema). We respect ancient Italian artisanal traditions by carefully selecting the best ingredients in the world: Sicilian pistachios from Bronte; Tahitian, bourbon, Madagascar and Mexican vanilla; hazelnut from the Langhe, in Italy; the best selections of chocolate, coffee, tea and spices. We leave the mixes in infusion for as long as it takes, and like to use as little sugar as possible: gelato must never be too sweet or cloying. Aside from the classic flavours we let our imagination run free and create new, unusual and seductive flavours: marriages made in the heaven of fruit, creams, chocolates, infusions and spices… creativity has no limits!