Passion fruit

Aux biscuits

Passion fruit: one of the most appreciated exotic specialties, passion fruit (or maracuja) is the fruit of a Brazilian liana called Passiflora. It got its name from the Jesuits, who saw the flower as a symbol for the passion of Christ (the flower is surrounded by a crown which reminds of the crown of thorns, while the stamens and pistils look like the nails and the hammer of the crucifixion). Passion fruit grows in two varieties; one is golden, smooth and shiny, while the other is smaller and purple and has a sweeter taste. We only use the ripest fruits, just when they become wrinkly. The taste is sweet with a faint tangy touch which we try not to hide with too much sugar. The fruit is extremely rich in vitamins and potassium and has relaxing properties – you wouldn’t tell it from its name! Try it also as a refreshing milkshake in a hot afternoon!

Our tip? Try it with strawberry or vanilla.