Italian cream

Italian cream : in every real Italian gelateria you will find “crema”, the frozen version of custard cream. We follow the most traditional recipe, with only fresh milk, cream, egg yolk and just a pinch of grated lemon rind. A timeless classic which mixes perfectly with basically any flavour. Just like fiordilatte, in Italy cream is often served […]


Zabaione: according to a legend, in the 16th century the soldier of fortune Giovanni Baglione (in dialect: Zván Bajòun) and his army set camp just outside the city of Reggio Emilia. The soldiers raided the local farms, but only came back with eggs, sugar, some wine and some aromatic herbs. The captain mixed everything together and […]


  Yogurt: we only choose whole fresh yogurt of the highest quality. The other ingredients are milk, a dash of cream and very little sugar, so that we do not cover the acidic note that yogurt lovers appreciate so much. The texture is creamy and thick and matches perfectly with any Summer fruit. High in milk […]


Vanilla: vanilla is an orchid from Mexico. After a ten-month long desiccation and preparation, its pods become the classic dark sticks we all know. A legend says that emperor Montezuma offered the Spanish conqueror Cortès a chocolate drink with vanilla, and from that moment the spice became famous all over Europe. The most precious and […]


Stracciatella: another great Italian classic. It is simply the perfect union between our delicate fiordilatte and a myriad specks of black chocolate. The creamy smooth texture of fiordilatte, made only with milk and cream from local dairies, is enriched by crunchy chocolate chips which melt in the mouth. An ice cream with bite! Our tip? […]

Ricotta and figs

  Ricotta and figs: is a strict relative of our mascarpone and figs, but this time instead of mascarpone we used ricotta, which is lighter. We buy our ricotta from a local artisan who still produces it totally by hand. We add fresh milk, sugar, a pinch of salt and dried figs previously soaked in […]


Pistachio: a taste we are very proud of, especially as the main ingredient has the noblest origins! We only use pure pistachio from Bronte, a Sicilian town which is famous all over the world for the quality of its pistachios grown in steep volcanic soil (pistachio groves are called “lochi”). The  pistachios from Bronte are picked […]


Nocciola: notre glace à la noisette est tout simplement conçue avec la noisette universellement reconnue comme étant la meilleure au monde; il s’agit de la Noisette Tonda Gentile Trilobata. Elle est produite au Piémont, et plus particulièrement dans les Langhe, où elle est considérée comme un produit à Indication Géographique Protégée (IGP). Pour entrer dans […]


Mint:  mint is very popular in Europe and all over the world and comes in about thirty different varieties. We chose peppermint, originally from Britain, very appreciated in haute cuisine for its strong perfume (it’s the variety with more essential oils). An infusion of this excellent mint can be the basis for nearly everything: we […]

Mascarpone and figs

  Mascarpone and figs: a definitely unique ice cream, a recipe slowly perfected over time with creativity, passion and a careful research of the basic ingredients. We patiently soak dried figs in sweet wine, then add milk, sugar and mascarpone instead of cream. The taste is sweet but very delicate, never cloying, and the creaminess […]