Aux biscuits

Melon: you will not find melon sorbet in many gelaterie: its high content of water and sugar makes it very difficult to balance the recipe to perfection. Melon (in the cantaloupe and reticulatus varieties) originally comes from tropical Asia and Africa and is a typical Summer fruit  but also has a Winter variety with white flesh. To make an excellent sorbet we choose only perfectly ripe fruits (yes, we know we are getting repetitive, but the painstaking selection of fruit is essential for a perfect sorbet), with a wonderful smell, bright orange flesh and a sweet and aromatic taste. An original idea? Surprise your friends with an innovative starter: small scoops of melon sorbet over a feta and rocket salad, or on a simple platter of prosciutto crudo. Nothing can be more summery!

Our tip? Try it with chocolate sorbet or mango.