Aux biscuits

Lemon: another typical 100% Italian product: our lemon is the Ovale di Sorrento, a PGI (Protected Geographical Status) fruit; this status guarantees severe growing and picking standards and a product of the highest quality. This lemon only grows in the peninsula of Sorrento, under the “pagliarelle”, straw mats that protect the trees from the weather, and is only picked by hand. The fruit must be citrus yellow, with a strong smell coming from the essential oils in the zest,  and never weigh less than 85 g. Its taste is intensely acid (more than the sweeter lemon from Amalfi), and it is rich in vitamin C and mineral nutrients. Making a sorbet of the highest quality meant facing many challenges; we didn’t want to cover the characteristic sharp taste of this lemon with too much sugar, and the result is a strong flavour with lots of character.

Our tip? Try it with chocolate sorbet or orange.