Aux biscuits

Orange: the best orange in the world is the Sicilian Blood Orange, a PGI (Protected Geographical Status) fruit. Its production is severely controlled and regulated: it only grows in the provinces of Catania and Siracusa and it comes in three varieties (TaroccoMoro and Sanguinello), which have different ripening times, slightly different colours and different juice percentages. Blood orange is the most precious citrus fruit for health, packing an amazing 40% of C vitamin more than any other citrus fruit (up to 90 mg for 100 ml of juice). We only use the purest juice, bright red and slightly acidic. It is not easy to create a velvety sorbet out of juice: the high content of water can easily freeze into crystals and spoil the texture. Only a carefully balanced recipe allowed us to reach the result we wanted.

Our tip? Try it with cinnamon or cream.